A fully working demo of the latest playSMS release (1.0) has been installed in ID playSMS

  • Register as user account in ID playSMS
  • Does not let you to view admin page
  • Only send SMS to Indonesia mobile phones
  • Receive SMS from anywhere, receiver numbers: +6283874709993 or +6283875000599. Please send your SMS FROM YOUR CELLPHONE. Do not send a loop SMS, that is to send from playSMS it self to those receiver numbers. You’re wasting my money by doing so.
    • You can use this to test SMS custom
    • You can try SMS board
    • You can also try SMS poll, SMS quiz and SMS autoreply, but of course the reply SMS will only be sent to Indonesia mobile phones
    • You can receive SMS in your Inbox and forward it to your email by sending SMS containing @your_username
  • Server location in Indonesia with limited International bandwidth
  • Server has limited credits

Punya nomor lokal ? Tinggal di Indonesia ? Sila kunjungi dan coba ID playSMS. Bila butuh kredit tambahan untuk mencoba lebih banyak fitur sila kontak saya, mention saya di Twitter handle @antonrd.

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