These are several items that I hope to get sponsorship soon:

  1. Route outgoing SMS based on sender IDs etc
  2. Better route incoming SMS
  3. Better billing/credit system, with payment gateway
  4. More auth backend, for example LDAP, SSO, open ID, google, facebook
  5. Grouping, sub-group, departments or multi-companies/organizations

And, below are several items already sponsored by several people or institution:

  1. Send from file
  2. Sub-users management
  3. Add/reduce credit
  4. Email to SMS by polling mailboxes
  5. Sender ID management
  6. Route incoming SMS
  7. Routing feature, multiple-gateway and route messages based on prefixes
  8. Route outgoing SMS per user
  9. Simple SMSC load balance
  10. Multi-site supports on a single playSMS installation
  11. SMS credits, small amount of free SMS credits for tests, sponsored by PT. Infotech Media Nusantara
  12. 2 Years hosting at DigitalOcean for this website sponsored by ICT Watch
  13. 2 Years hosting at DigitalOcean for playSMS Forum sponsored by PT. Infotech Media Nusantara
  14. playSMS Android app sponsored by ICT Watch and PT. ArtiVisi Intermedia
  15. OpenVox gateway plugin sponsored by smaRtPBX

This open source software project is found, developed, maintained mainly by me, personally. No company or organization owns this project. Sponsorship required to speed up development of this project. If you have plan to sponsor a feature or plugin please contact me directly though my email: antonrd@gmail.com

By sponsoring the project you will be required to agree on certain condition related to man-hour rates, timeline and scope of work. You will also need to know that the source code of sponsored job WILL need to be licensed under GPLv3 or GPLv3 compatible licenses.

Just in case you have question of where the money flows:

Q: How are you going to use the sponsorship money ?

A: I will use it to pay external programmer that I hired, if any, or I will use them to pay my self for my time, effort and resources I’ve spent

Q: Why are you using the term of sponsorship while it seems like a commercial customization service offered by you ?

A: Because all the sponsored code will be licensed as GPLv3, meaning, someone who has money will pay for a progress and most of the result (see below) will be given back to public, that is sponsorship

Below are some notes about the license and source code publication:

  • playSMS license (and its modification, including themes, language and other plugins) allows you to use the software privately (no need to publish if you want to) when used as a service for you or internally by you. GPLv3 license (and its compatible licenses) is a distribution license, you need to include the source code only when you distribute this software and its modification. But WARNING, IANAL, please consult with a lawyer
  • Only sponsored job for general features will most likely be published (be included in playSMS releases)
  • Will every sponsored job be published ? Tell you the truth I have no idea what is the right thing to do, but here are some keys I may follow as guidance:
    • If you sponsor a feature or plugin that is very specific to your need, a particular changes that is not general, and you will use it on your own server for your own services, then I may not publish it
    • If you sponsor a feature or plugin and you will be selling them (the feature or plugin, not the service made by it) then I may ask you to publish the source code as part of GPLv3 license compliance
    • If you sponsor a feature or plugin that is a general purpose and have positive impact on the development of playSMS then I may publish it in the next releases
    • I may not need to contact with sponsors to publish the code since all the sponsored codes are licensed with GPLv3
    • Things may change in the future, discuss all things with me personally

Another way to sponsor this project is by hiring PHP programmers (who knows Linux) in your area and contribute back the modification by following contribution workflow stated in this article: https://playsms.org/contributing-to-playsms

This way, I believe, will speed up the development of playSMS to the level of production.


Anton Raharja