playSMS version 0.9.9 has been released

Get the file from download page.


  • update sendsmsd daemon to enable parallel multi queue processing
  • update config.php to include options for sendsmsd queue number and queue length limit
  • update http method to POST in SMS custom (endymuhardin)
  • update uplink gateway to use webservices username and token
  • update deprecated commands eregi, ereg and ereg_replace with preg_match and preg_replace
  • update Send SMS page to split between send to numbers and to groups
  • update webservices to require username when validating requests
  • add $core_config[‘webservices_username’] option in config.php, default is TRUE
  • add core_get_timezone() and core_get_datetime()
  • add new webservices type of action get_contact to get contact lists
  • add new webservices ta=get_contact_group to search group contacts by name or code
  • add new webservices ta=get_contact to search contacts by name, mobile or email
  • add $phonebook_row_limit and set it to 20k entries per upload
  • add sms_count on create queue and push to queue
  • add a unique process ID for log
  • add bash script to send sms via the webservices interface (aseques)
  • add core_sanitize_sender() and fix sendsms_get_sender()
  • add core_sanitize_alphanumeric() core_sanitize_alpha() core_sanitize_numeric()
  • add automatically create directory “$sms_command_bin/$uid” for SMS command
  • add a language full backup script
  • add type of action IN (ta=in) to retrieves incoming SMS from playSMS webservices
  • add set_time_limit(600) in various places such as import contacts and send from file
  • replace mktime() as random generator for md5() on several lines with uniqid()
  • remove git conflict messages from ca_ES po files
  • remove link to from send as unicode message option
  • remove unfinished plugin from this repo and move them to new repo playSMS-extra-plugin
  • fix sendsend flagging a queue too quick and partial
  • fix the method to import from CSV file
  • fix core_display_text() not to word-wrap text, instead the wrapping is done through CSS
  • fix #85 wrong sender ID priority
  • fix #84 SMS subscribe reply message not working due to missing addslashes()
  • fix #83 SMS quiz not working due to wrong $c_uid value
  • fix #81 a bug causing a queue partially processed
  • fix #77 execute SMS command script in correct directory
  • fix #75 new options to define unknown format and already member reply in SMS subscribe
  • fix #72 add option to check option to send message as unicode by default
  • fix #71 wrong formula to calculate max. length per SMS for unicode messages



playSMS version 0.9.8 has been released

Just released. It has lots of bug fixes and several interesting enhancements, including some major changes.

Some of the highlights:

  • Using PHP session :)
  • Installer script for Ubuntu users
  • Web Services to respond in JSON and XML format
  • Web Services to authenticate using a token instead of username and password, with IP limit
  • Search boxes
  • Export SMSes, save it to a CSV file
  • Reply from receiver straight to user’s Inbox (no need to use @user)
  • Broadcast from mobile using #<phonebook group> instead of BC <phonebook group>
    • To all #IT group members, please come to meeting room
    • Hi #GOLD #SILVER members, you can get more bonus by purchasing more!

Read full changelog here.

Grab it from SourceForge: download



playSMS version has been released (SECURITY FIX)

This version contains only a fix to a security bug in inc/app/webservices.php. Users installing playSMS 0.9.7 or are encouraged to upgrade their installation as soon as possible. playSMS version prior to 0.9.7 are not affected.

A quick workaround to fix the bug is by removing inc/app/webservices.php immediately. See this for detail.

You may get playSMS from our download page.