playSMS has been released

It\’s a strange day to publish a release I might say. It\’s the 10th anniversary of the horrible tragedy. Although I\’m sure theres no one think the date got anything to do with playSMS and its release, I have to say that this is pure unplanned action, tonight is simply the night I can\’t sleep and I need to spend it on something useful.

Anyhow. playSMS version got several major changes inside, bug fixes and security hole fixes.

Below are changes made since and incorporated to playSMS version

  • MAJOR: fix security hole RFI (anton)
  • add new option to allow/disallow forwards to inbox, email and mobile for each users (anton)
  • add new language zh_CN (fvancaen)
  • add new plugin, feature, SMS survey, half-way, the reporting parts are not finished (anton)
  • add new method interceptsendsms() to intercept sent SMS before handled by gateway (anton)
  • add new field, in_receiver, in db table tblUserInbox and tblSMSIncoming (anton)
  • add all intercepts in features plugins, now hook-able from features plugin (anton)
  • add method to save receiver number, currently available only in kannel and clickatell (anton)
  • add sender name in email forwarded to user from PV or sms board (anton)
  • add multiple destinations capability when ta=pv on webservices (anton)
  • sms survey temporarily disabled, not removed, waiting for reporting parts (anton)
  • sms autosend temporarily disabled, not removed, waiting for major changes (anton)
  • fix checkavailablekeyword() lib/fn_core.php to have hooks return TRUE if available (anton)
  • fix autoreply unable to delete scenario (anton)
  • fix sms_survey unable to send sms due to accessing $core_config[\’user\’] on playsmsd() (avudz)
  • fix sms subscribe subscribing to disabled keyword should not happen (anton)
  • fix sms autosend admin should have permission to edit all data (anton)
  • fix typo phonebook_groupcode2id() in webservices_bc() lib/fn_webservices.php (anton)
  • fix wrong group while sending broadcast sms to group when \’Or\’ field is filled (anton)
  • fix sms subscribe, subscribing to disabled keyword should not happen (anton)
  • fix #3109982 wrong autoreply result due to missing autoreply_id in db query (anton)
  • fix #3216652 the bar graph image on the poll results page is broken (jeremymueller)

If you are a playSMS plugin\’s developer then you might want to learn more on changes related to security hole, method or db field additions and fix on checkavailablekeyword().