playSMS in Windows

I got a good news to share with you guys: playSMS works in Windows !

My test environment was:

  • Laptop
  • Windows 7 Home Edition
  • Cygwin 1.7.7
  • Kannel 1.4.3
  • playSMS
  • WampServer 2.0i
  • GSM modem Q2406B, USB (now its freakin cheap! USD 25-35 in Jakarta)

I\’m happy, it really works 🙂 All playSMS feature seems to be running properly, including the push update of delivery status (from Sent to Delivered).

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playSMS version has been released

I know its too fast since last release, but we have to 🙂

The release contains major changes due to bug found soon after 0.9.5 released and observations to life demo at Quick installation on Windows 7 with latest playSMS and Gammu gateway module which finally shown a promising chances to get playSMS work properly in Windows, was also a contributing factor to the release.

These are playSMS highlights:

  • fix message empty when handled by gnokii or smstools due to single quote in $lc (thx to kendokar)
  • PHP PEAR DB re-included in the package, too complicated for most users to install it manually
  • gateway uplink will work only with master installed with playSMS >=
  • new interesting functions that can be hooked from plugin/tools/*, interceptincomingsms() and interceptsmstoinbox()
  • references to menu.php, input.php, output.php and all direct access to file under playSMS are switched to index.php?app=xxxxx
  • new gateway module gammu to support Gammu, another popular open source SMS gateway

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Upcoming release, a bug fix release, version


Just wanna let you know that this is the location of code snapshots:

Upcoming release highlights:

  • add Gammu supports
  • bug found recently in 0.9.5 making the version unable to receive message properly
  • references to menu.php, input.php and output.php replaced with index.php?app=…
  • new hook-able function interceptincomingsms() available for plugin tools

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