playSMS 1.4.7 Released

playSMS version 1.4.7 has been released. This release contains several major changes for performance updates and some security related updates.

What’s Changed

  • Reduce or change some steps for faster database access during sending SMS and updating DLRs
  • Simplify db query for faster page load on Reports
  • Better search form on Reports
  • Provides SQL file for applying db table indexes
  • Remove dependency to PEAR/DB, now use PDO for db operations
  • Compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fix some bugs and security related

Full Changelog:…1.4.7



Please note that upgrade may not be simple as this version has updates on composer and database structure. Detail instruction for upgrading existing previous version of playSMS will be available soon.

playSMS 1.4.6

playSMS version 1.4.6 has been released. This release contains several small fixes and 1 security fix. If you are using playSMS 1.4.5 please update it to this version.

This version only have several file changes so you can just replace all files with this release, no database changes. Follow instruction similar to this howto to upgrade your previous version to 1.4.6.

Get playSMS 1.4.6 from here.

Read complete full changelog compare to 1.4.5 from here.

Visit playSMS forum for more information and discussion.

playSMS 1.4.5 Released

Update: steps of upgrade described in this post will also work for playSMS version 1.4.6, just think/change all 1.4.5 with 1.4.6

playSMS version 1.4.5 is available for download. This version contains bugfixes and security fixes. Vulnerability found on previous playSMS (version 1.4.3 and below) considered severe and it is recommended to upgrade previous playSMS installation to version 1.4.5 as soon as possible.

Get playSMS version 1.4.5 from download page.

Please note that upgrading from 1.4.3 to 1.4.5 is rather simple, no database update required:

  1. Make backups, you can do full backup or just the PHP files
    • Upgrading form 1.4.3 to 1.4.5 does require only to replace PHP files
    • No database update requires
  2. Get new version 1.4.5 from download page
  3. Exract the playsms-1.4.5.tar.gz (or 1.4.5.tar.g depends on how you download it) and run ./
    • After extract you will see playsms-1.4.5 forlder
    • cd inside the folder and run ./, pay attention to the result and see if any errors occured
    • Updating the composer packages is important, do not miss it
  4. Replace all web PHP files on your 1.4.3 installation folder with the new version
    • Make sure that you do not replace your own/existing config.php
    • Make sure that PHP files are replaced properly, especially files under lib/ and plugin/core/ folder

Please visit this playSMS Forum post for more information.

playSMS with Docker

Visit playSMS docker project at Docker Hub. Search playsms/playsms at Docker Hub.

Current release is for playSMS 1.4.3 installed on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install docker locally, and run this to download playSMS 1.4.3 docker container:

docker pull playsms/playsms:1.4.3

And then run this to get playSMS up and running:

docker run -d -p 80:80 playsms/playsms

Access playSMS web admin by browsing localhost or your server\’s IP address, or domain if you have mapped it correctly.

To modify, or build your own docker container based on this project, visit playSMS docker project website at

Testing playSMS with Kannel

This article is about how to use Kannel for testing playSMS. Assumed you have a box of VPS, a droplet, a physical server, or a VM running and playSMS is installed and work properly. Follow manuals here to add Kannel to the playSMS server box, configure both playSMS and Kannel to make them work together.

Once you get a working playSMS connected to a well configured Kannel for testing, you can then send bulk SMS (fake non-delivered to the real cellphone of course) and see the performace of both software handling thousands of SMS.

Let\’s start the manual.

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Upgrading playSMS

As of today the latest stable release is playSMS 1.4.3. This version is very important, it contains fixes to critical security vulnerability. If you have installed and currently running previous version such as playSMS 1.4.2 then you must upgrade it immediately.

Upgrading playSMS is about replacing all files and folders, and run an SQL DB upgrade. Upgrades in playSMS rarely deleting old files, more like modifying them so that you can just replace them with the new one, unless ofcourse specifically said otherwise.

This article is a guide for howto upgrade previous version of playSMS. You already have a working playSMS and its one-version behind the latest stable release, for example you have 1.4.2 installed and now released 1.4.3.

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Gateway Plugin Twilio

playSMS is a web application for managing users, credits, features, routes and gateways, for sending and receiving SMS. playSMS is not an actual SMS gateway, it cannot send or receive SMS by itself. It needs another application or service, SMS gateway or gateway for short, to actually send and receive SMS. Twilio is one of those SMS gateway.

playSMS uses plugins for various functions and one of them is for handling those SMS gateways. Gateway Plugin in playSMS is referred to plugin that handles actions such as sending and receiving SMS for playSMS from/to actual SMS gateway.

In this article I will explain how to configure a Gateway Plugin Twilio to connect playSMS with SMS service in Twilio.

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Install playSMS 1.4.3 on VirtualBox

This article is about playSMS 1.4.3 installation on VirtualBox. What you need is a computer that is connected to the internet and capable of running VirtualBox properly.

To actually send and/or receive SMS you will need another piece that is not part of this article. You can discuss that in playSMS Forum.

I will be using Ubuntu 18.04 on my VirtualBox. That means you can compare this article with previous article playSMS 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04. There should be similarities, but of course the previous article focus on cloud installation and this one is more like local installation.

Since the installation is local you will need to download Ubuntu Server 18.04 ISO file from Ubuntu websites, save it somewhere in your computer.

This article is first published in:

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Install playSMS 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04

playSMS version 1.4.3 has been released, and it is the recommended version as it contains fixes to several bugs and critical security vulnerability. This article is howto install playSMS 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04.

I’m using DigitalOcean (DO) service to test the configuration and commands. Create new Droplet in DO account. Click here to register on DO if you don’t have an account.

Choose Ubuntu 18.0.4 (currently 18.04.3 LTS) and select at least the cheapest service (USD 5). Create and wait for a minute or two for the SSH to be ready. You can then login via SSH and start playSMS installation.

Login to your CentOS droplet (later we will call droplet as server) using SSH and follow instructions below step by step. Read carefully why you need to do each step correctly. Please pay attention to details.

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