playSMS version has been released

Version adds two additional plugin in tools, they are: pvat and xlate. Both new plugin demonstrate how to intercept an incoming SMS and do anything we need with that, and of course returns something we want. First plugin, pvat, will intercept incoming SMS and scan for special format @<username> <messages> and then modify it to become PV <username> <messages>. Once done intercepting, pvat will returns that modified message to core function that actually handle SMS.

For example, a sender sent a message to playSMS, a message like this: @anton dude your application works. The plugin will scan and process it, change the message to: PV anton dude your application works. Once modified and returned to core function, the rest of the process is to handle a PV message, that is to save the message in username\’s inbox and forward it to username\’s email, in this case the username is anton.

Second plugin, xlate, will intercept incoming SMS and scan for special format: @<from language>2<to language> <words/sentences>. For example, a sender want to quickly translate \”I love you\” to Italian phrase. In this case sender should send SMS to playSMS like this: @en2it I love you. Once received and intercepted, xlate will utilize Google Translate to translate \”I love you\” to Italian phrase, and returns \”Ti amo\” to sender.

More example to come 🙂

Important changes in playSMS is actually date/time adjustment. A timezone settings is added to this version to overcome problems when an SMS gateway is not in the same location (or timezone) with playSMS. For example, if you use default kannel like from most distros, kannel will handle all date/time as GMT+0 timezone, which mean playSMS will receive SMS in GMT+0 as well. This situation is not what most playSMS users wanted.

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playSMS is about to be released

Release date is unknown, it means I don\’t know when I\’ll be releasing this version exactly, but it should be.. soon 🙂 My plan was this week, but I figure to hold until next week waiting for some more small changes and fixes.

So far these are changes made in version

  • MAJOR: all SMS date/time will be adjusted to GMT+0 in database
  • add timezone settings
  • add method to modify parameters in interceptincomingsms() and interceptsmstoinbox()
  • add new tools plugin pvat, replace keyword @<username> with PV <username>
    • this plugin demonstrate how to intercept incoming SMS for specific service
    • collage of mine has just finished building a GPS tracker plugin for playSMS easily by learning this example for a start
  • fix #3095609 XSS issue (security hole)
  • fix #3095660 should be switch()
  • fix #3097366 str_replace issue

Developers are encouraged to get the latest source codes from playSMS GIT repository. When bugs found, please post them in tracker page,