playSMS 0.9.6 has been released

Hmm.. new languages, new plugins, bug fixes.. here.. and there.. that\’s it!, playSMS 0.9.6.

These are changes made in 0.9.6:

  • MAJOR: move SMS sender ID logic in sendsms() and it hooks to sendsms_get_sender() (anton)
  • MAJOR: all \’mobile\’ terms that are related to sending SMS are replaced by \’sender\’ (anton)
  • MAJOR: all old \’sender\’ terms that are related to sending SMS are replaced by \’footer\’ (anton)
  • add new language Catalan (ca_ES) (aseques)
  • add new language Spanish (es_VE) (alfredo)
  • add new function: sendsms_get_sender() to get effective SMS Sender ID (anton)
  • add new options in preferences: sender and footer (anton)
  • add new plugin: message template, replace word templates with phonebook related data (anton)
  • add new plugin: send SMS by uploading a list in a CSV file (anton)
  • add new plugin: inbox group (anton)
  • add new theme \’play\’ (ajiwo)
  • add new option for user to select active language (aseques)
  • add new option for admin to select default language (aseques)
  • add gpname2gpid() in simplephonebook/fn.php (emmanuel)
  • add webservices type of action (ta=cr) to get user\’s credit (anton)
  • remove address and country from required field on user management (anton)
  • remove mobile field from required field on user preferences and management (anton)
  • regression: remove addslashes in sendsms() and add stripslashes when fwd to email (anton)
  • replace $sms_datetime in several plugins to $datetime_now (anton)
  • replace term \’Receiver\’ with \’To\’ (anton)
  • replace term \’Sender\’ with \’From\’ (anton)
  • sendsms() is considered low level, use sendsms_pv() on plugins (anton)
  • update FAQ, reformat and fix typos (anton)
  • update Clickatell\’s doc (aseques)
  • update Clickatell\’s API URL to HTTPS (aseques)
  • fix .po and .mo files, remove duplicated strings and add charset info (aseques)
  • fix SMS footer display on user and all outgoing page (anton)
  • fix gateway msgtoolbox, unable to properly save message ID on incoming SMS (anton)
  • fix $sms_datetime for display purposes on some plugins using core_display_datetime() (anton)
  • fix #3414232 sms_poll log table missing datetime field (anton)
  • fix #3479182 spaces leading a message break keyword parsing (jeremymueller)