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In it is relatively easy to modify playSMS look and feel. A template engine has been added and now using Twitter Bootstrap 3.


Welcome Page on

Above screenshot is a welcome page displayed after successful login. Most users probably want to change that page.

These are methods available to change that page:

  1. Edit common file plugin/themes/common/templates/page_welcome.html
  2. Add themes specific template file to override common file. For example if your active themes is flatly, then you can add your own page_welcome.html in plugin/themes/flatly/templates/
  3. Add another themes specific file. For example if your active themes is flatly, theme you can add page_welcome.php in plugin/themes/flatly/

Select the simplest. For me its method 3.

If you choose to edit page_welcome.html, method 1 or 2, then you will need to use HTML, but leave the <html>, <head> and <body> tag, don\’t use those tags.

Method 3, supplying your own page_welcome.php, in my opinion would be a better choice for developers as they can insert their own PHP codes. For example, if you choose to open My report page by default every time user login, you can add this to the file:

header(\"Location: index.php?app=menu&inc=tools_report&op=report_user\");

QA please visit playSMS User Group forum.

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