SMS Autorespond version 2

New version is available. You can download it from the release page hosted on Github.

Version 2 is an important release, it solved an issue with incoming SMS that is handled by this plugin can\’t be found anywhere in the report. Those SMS are recorded in database but they\’re not displayed in the report, specifically in All feature messages or My feature messages menu.

The plugin name, the plugin\’s folder name, also changed from sms_autorespond to just autorespond. This is due to limitation in the current playSMS that calls plugins sorted by their folder name. For SMS autorespond we want this plugin to handle SMS before plugin incoming.

Visit technical detail about the plugin from its Github website. Installation or upgrade instruction also available on the website.


4 thoughts on “SMS Autorespond version 2

  1. Hi Sir,

    I’m developing a Mobile application which will be released in UAE by the end of next month. We’re planning to integrate an OTP verification mechanism through SMS. Please do let me know how you can help me with this.

    Thank you!

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