Testing playSMS with Kannel

This article is about how to use Kannel for testing playSMS. Assumed you have a box of VPS, a droplet, a physical server, or a VM running and playSMS is installed and work properly. Follow manuals here to add Kannel to the playSMS server box, configure both playSMS and Kannel to make them work together.

Once you get a working playSMS connected to a well configured Kannel for testing, you can then send bulk SMS (fake non-delivered to the real cellphone of course) and see the performace of both software handling thousands of SMS.

Let’s start the manual.

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Example use of SMS Command for Mikrotik

When you have working playSMS with Kannel, and Mikrotik configured to do something (not related to SMS), you can integrate them to serve something to your users. In the article below the author mentioned that the goals are:

  1. To renew expired users via sending Username and SCRATCH CODE to playSMS (Ubuntu Server)
  2. To renew expired users via sending SCRATCH CODE & verify the code with the user profile [later]

Users will be asked to send SMS to playSMS, and playSMS will handle it on its SMS Command to run a script that verify the SMS and commands Mikrotik to do something.

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playSMS in Windows

I got a good news to share with you guys: playSMS works in Windows !

My test environment was:

  • Laptop
  • Windows 7 Home Edition
  • Cygwin 1.7.7
  • Kannel 1.4.3
  • playSMS
  • WampServer 2.0i
  • GSM modem Q2406B, USB (now its freakin cheap! USD 25-35 in Jakarta)

I’m happy, it really works :) All playSMS feature seems to be running properly, including the push update of delivery status (from Sent to Delivered).

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