Introducing playSMS Forum

It\’s been a while since we use Google Groups as playSMS User Group forum. It\’s working, it has help a lot and doing its job.

But, I think we need something better. That is why I installed Discourse to be used as our new playSMS Forum.

Is it really better than Google Groups ? I have no idea. Seemingly, looking at the feature sets provided by Discourse, I believe it should be better. Time will tell ? Maybe.

Anyway, let\’s give it a shot. IMHO forum software doesn\’t matter much if the content doesn\’t help us advancing our self. We can change back, change again with other software, if this one doesn\’t work.

So please visit the forum, post your questions, answers, issues and ideas there. Fill the forum with information related to playSMS.

See ya.



One thought on “Introducing playSMS Forum

  1. Sir , I have installed kannel with 2 smsc account and playsms . I have smsc account A and B . In smsc account have more than 3 senderid approved by operator but using playsms i am not able to send sms using other than sender id which i have enter in setting module sender id .

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