playSMS app for Android

We are happy to announce that playSMS app for Android is now available on Google Play Store.


I remember it was last year that I wrote on Sponsorship page that we need an Android app for playSMS, a Free and Open Source Android app that utilized playSMS Webservices API to command playSMS servers.

Finally we can start the project recently and actually release it to public. We couldn\’t do it without the help from our friends in ICT Watch who have been very generous to sponsor the development and ArtiVisi Intermedia who have been very helpful in providing the time and resources to code it and release the apk.

This project is a Free and Open Source (FOSS) project. You may change the look and feel for your own purposes, you may also add some more stuffs to it and make it useful for your community or clients. I just wish that no one will forget the idea behind the FOSS movement, that is to actually develop the software together openly, among others.

Checkout the Download page for source code information.

Fyi, this app will work on playSMS 1.0-rc5 and above only (currently its on 1.0-rc6). Upgrade your playSMS installation and use this app, it\’ll be fun 🙂

Let me know what you think.


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