SMS server using CentOS, Kannel and playSMS

I found this documentation straight forward, easy to follow:

I haven\’t actually test it, but I think it should work with recent playSMS, except when you use playSMS you need to also copy sendsmsd* from contrib along with playsmsd*.

8 thoughts on “SMS server using CentOS, Kannel and playSMS

  1. This is a very interesting project.I just wanted to know whether i can send the incoming messages to my php script and the take the result from my script and send to the the person who send the message automatically

  2. Hi ! Its Prabir, I was searching for this kind of application and i found it in your website. Now Please guide me how to install, and link the gateway with playsms application? Also want to know is it capable to play with 5000 TPS/month

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