playSMS with Docker

Visit playSMS docker project at Docker Hub. Search playsms/playsms at Docker Hub.

Current release is for playSMS 1.4.3 installed on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install docker locally, and run this to download playSMS 1.4.3 docker container:

docker pull playsms/playsms:1.4.3

And then run this to get playSMS up and running:

docker run -d -p 80:80 playsms/playsms

Access playSMS web admin by browsing localhost or your server’s IP address, or domain if you have mapped it correctly.

To modify, or build your own docker container based on this project, visit playSMS docker project website at


Docker for playSMS 1.4

Short announcement. Recently I’ve updated the image antonraharja/playsms on Docker registry with playSMS 1.4. It means when you follow the previous Docker playSMS tutorial I wrote now you’ll get playSMS 1.4 installed.

Here is the full step by step tutorial:

Just to remind you how I create the playSMS Docker image, here is the project website:


New Project docker-playsms

It’s been an interesting week, adding a new project related to playSMS, called: docker-playsms.

Read the intro here:

And read this article as an example implementation of the project:

Discuss Docker for playSMS here: