The last RC version for 1.0 has been released, 1.0-rc9

This version is marked as the last Release Candidates version for 1.0.

Let\’s move on ^^

From now on I will be updating documents, preparing upgrade manuals and do some small small little things for a 1.0 release. If there are still any bugs found, we will fix them in 1.0, unless of course its a nasty one and need immediate action.

Here are changes made in 1.0-rc9:

  • fix #428 security issue with manage sender ID page
  • fix #419 sms custom forwarding encoded query string
  • fix #416 unable to login using email via webservices
  • fix and tweak report plugin for much faster response on pages like All sent messages or All inbox
  • fix and tweak the export button on report plugin, much faster preparation for download
  • fix special chars such as an ampersand that got HTML encoded when submitted to providers
  • remove old unused plugins _email2sms (replaced by mailsms) and _xlate (SMS to Google translator)
  • inbox messages are grouped by sender for faster and simpler listing
  • sent messages are grouped by queue codes for faster and simpler listing
  • revert changes on playsmsd to a much stable version
  • add new param watchdog used for auto-start playsmsd when one of the daemon got down (usage: schedule in cron every 5 minutes)
  • small language updates

Discuss it here. Enjoy.


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