playSMS Webservices

More and more users using playSMS, and some of them ask about whether or not playSMS provides HTTP API. Well the answer is YES. Its been there quite sometime actually, it is called playSMS Webservices API. For those PHP developers, you can also try to use PHP class specifically implements playSMS Webservices API. Read about […]

Now Licensed Under GPLv3

I want to let everyone knows that now playSMS is licensed under version 3 of GNU General Public License. Particularly after this commit: 35a3cc8f. My intention has never changed. I want to make sure that the contribution back to the community. Every modification should be available to public so that original contributors and others may gain […]

Why Texts Are Not Translated

There are in total 8 language translations available in current playSMS. They are: Catalan (Spain) ca_CA Deutsch (Deutschland) de_DE English (United States) en_US Spanish (Venezuela) es_VE French (France) fr_FR Indonesian (Indonesia) id_ID Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR Russian (Russia) ru_RU Chinese (China) zh_CN When user or admin activate one of them, sometime they saw changes on displayed […]

[SECURITY] playSMS 1.0-beta1

This version fix the CSRF exploit reported here: Along with the fix there are also several bug fixes and enhancements. Download playSMS version 1.0-beta1 here: Here are the complete change log for 1.0-beta1: MAJOR: add core_call_hook(), utilizing debug_backtrace() to replace the way functions call hooking plugin’s functions MAJOR: user_incoming and all_incoming now only shows […]

Fix Timezone Problem

Messages are not delivered, they are queued. Admin saw all messages in View SMS queue. Usually, before, this is the case of daemon scripts issue, they are not running or running improperly such as wrong path configured in /etc/default/playsms. But since I introduced SMS scheduler, a way to schedule delivery of submitted SMS through […]

Modify Welcome Page

In it is relatively easy to modify playSMS look and feel. A template engine has been added and now using Twitter Bootstrap 3. Welcome Page on Above screenshot is a welcome page displayed after successful login. Most users probably want to change that page. These are methods available to change that page: Edit common […]

playSMS version has been released

The latest version, after a long list of betas finally released as Many changes and bug fixes in this release. Those changes are mostly major due to some fundamental features added, features useful for developers, such as a template engine and integrating Bootstrap 3 for making playSMS easier to customize or enhance. Try it […]

playSMS version has been released

This version released with a new default themes. Get it and test it Changelog: add new webservices type of action IX to get SMS on user’s inbox add logger_print() at the begining and the end of webservices add DBHOST and DBPORT on install script add common place to put common js files, themes/common/jscss add sendsms_host […]

Mail to SMS Gateway

Found an interesting article, or howto, about mail2sms. URL: I haven’t verify those steps, but at a glance looks OK to me.

playSMS version 0.9.9 has been released

Get the file from download page. Changelog: update sendsmsd daemon to enable parallel multi queue processing update config.php to include options for sendsmsd queue number and queue length limit update http method to POST in SMS custom (endymuhardin) update uplink gateway to use webservices username and token update deprecated commands eregi, ereg and ereg_replace with […]