playSMS is about to be released

Release date is unknown, it means I don\’t know when I\’ll be releasing this version exactly, but it should be.. soon 🙂 My plan was this week, but I figure to hold until next week waiting for some more small changes and fixes.

So far these are changes made in version

  • MAJOR: all SMS date/time will be adjusted to GMT+0 in database
  • add timezone settings
  • add method to modify parameters in interceptincomingsms() and interceptsmstoinbox()
  • add new tools plugin pvat, replace keyword @<username> with PV <username>
    • this plugin demonstrate how to intercept incoming SMS for specific service
    • collage of mine has just finished building a GPS tracker plugin for playSMS easily by learning this example for a start
  • fix #3095609 XSS issue (security hole)
  • fix #3095660 should be switch()
  • fix #3097366 str_replace issue

Developers are encouraged to get the latest source codes from playSMS GIT repository. When bugs found, please post them in tracker page,

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