playSMS version has been released

The latest version, after a long list of betas finally released as

Many changes and bug fixes in this release. Those changes are mostly major due to some fundamental features added, features useful for developers, such as a template engine and integrating Bootstrap 3 for making playSMS easier to customize or enhance.

So, what are new stuffs and other changes included in

Here they are, changes made since to

  • MAJOR: new install will use MySQL InnoDB
  • MAJOR: replace term \’slid\’ with \’smslog_id\’ on all places
  • MAJOR: smslog_id is now from tblSMSOutgoing_queue_dst and immediately returns after sending SMS
  • MAJOR: add a simple \”homemade\” template engine to seperate logic and view
  • MAJOR: re-write default themes, added 2 new themes, use bootstrap 3 heavily
  • MAJOR: rename function names interceptsendsms(), interceptincomingsms(), interceptsmstoinbox() and getsmsoutgoing()
  • add $app and $route as global variables just like $inc, $op, $page and $nav
  • add 2 new options in main configuration: allow custom SMS sender ID and allow custom SMS footer
  • add Twitter bootstrap files to themes/common/jscss/, preparations
  • add registry service for developers, they don\’t need to create database for plugin\’s configurations when they need to
  • add new plugin pluginmanager to manage plugins (enumanc)
  • add new plugin report (enumanc)
  • add new plugin SMS Sync for SMSSync app
  • add new gateway Infobip (enumanc)
  • add new plugin tools gatewaymanager to replace Gateway menus
  • add new daemon dlrssmsd and recvsmsd to increase performance
  • add new option \”Try to disable SMS footer on master\” on uplink gateway
  • add SMS schedule, accessible from Send SMS page
  • add message scheduling to webservices ta=pv and ta=bc
  • add simple instant messaging service, send to @username will push message to username\’s inbox
  • update Send SMS page, make over to use grid system and remove table
  • update to immediately cancel send SMS after fail with not enough credit
  • update all plugin gateway to use recvsms() instead of setsmsincomingaction()
  • update all plugin gateway to use dlr() instead of setsmsdeliverystatus()
  • update all plugin themes to use new template engine
  • update themes to load jquery.js
  • update Send SMS page for better user experience
  • update to allow override page_welcome.php by placing a replacement in plugin/themes//
  • update default gateway on 1st installation to \”dev\”
  • update default daemon files locations from /usr/local/bin/ to /usr/local/bin/_playsms/
  • update rename term \”sendsmstopv\” to \”send_sms\”
  • sendmail() and plainoldsendmail make over. sendmail() now receives array as parameters, this will allow more parameters such as attachments, cc and bcc, SMTP connection details and others
  • update icons
  • update Send SMS page to use prefix # for sending to group and @ for sending IM to another playSMS user
  • update function.php to load only active plugins, including themes, lang and gateway. this fixes icons as well
  • update interceptsendsms() to sendsms_intercept()
  • update interceptincomingsms() to recvsms_intercept()
  • update interceptsmstoinbox() to recvsms_inbox_add_intercept()
  • update insertsmstoinbox() to recvsms_inbox_add()
  • update getsmsoutgoing() to sendsms_get_sms()
  • update to make sure date/time are in GMT+0 including when saving to storage
  • update default themes is \’default\’, default lang is \’en_US\’, just in case if selected themes was themes \’play\’ which has been removed recently
  • remove lib init1 and init2, include them in function.php
  • remove lib/fn_csv.php and lib/fn_download.php, move them to lib/fn_core.php
  • remove lib/fn_gateway.php and lib/fn_lang.php, move them to lib/fn_core.php
  • remove route handler on plugins as this is now handled by core
  • remove option \”denycustomsender\” from config.php and other places
  • remove auto route replies to inbox, the routing for non @username replies to inbox has some disadvantages with current logic so I decided to comment it
  • remove themes play, themes play moved to repo playSMS-extra-plugin
  • fix catchall feature on inboxgroup
  • fix fail to finalize queue creation
  • fix icons for reply, resend and forward link
  • fix datetime on SMS to use $datetime_now instead of supplied by Kannel
  • fix webservices for GET_CONTACT and GET_CONTACT_GROUP
  • fix wrong column $p_status while checking webservices returns, uplink gateway
  • fix sms_board and sms_poll, both should use $_REQUEST to get parameters
  • fix always use default rate when rate set with value zero, simplerate
  • fix #78 add $from, $footer and $nofooter param to webservices
  • fix #109 sms sender ID and sms footer can be changed from Send SMS page
  • fix #113 add and moment js ( and then add datetimepicker in Send SMS page
  • fix #116 addslashes, not stripslashes, before feeding to sendsms()
  • fix #118 regression bug giving back-tick quotes to keyword on dba_search() and dba_count()
  • fix #123 unable to delete message template, wrong form scope


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