playSMS version 1.1 has been released

New version has been released and available for downloads. This version contains some bugfixes, code cleanups and plugin improvements.

Get the package from Sourceforge.

Visit playSMS Book Project for more information about how to install fresh from the oven and upgrade from playSMS version 1.0.

Here are the changes made from 1.0 to 1.1:

  • Major changes:
    • Rename checkavailablekeyword() to keyword_isavail()
    • Rename setsmsincomingaction() to recvsms_process()
    • Added 4th step in language translation that is to merge all po files and compile new mo files in storage folder, and use it
    • Phonebook changed following this topic:
      • Update core_sanitize_alphanumeric() core_sanitize_alpha() core_sanitize_numeric() to support unicodes
      • Phonebook only allows unicodes alphanumeric, dash and underscore as group code and only allows unicodes alphanumeric, dash, underscore, spaces, dots and commas as tags
      • Phonebook now allows different contacts with the same identical mobile phone number
  • Gateway plugins bugfixes, code cleanups and improvements:
    • Fix Clickatell unable to send Sender ID and encoded additional parameters
    • Fix and update uplink gateway to support multi-SMSC
    • Update SMS Server Tools 3 plugin
      • Add multi-modem supports to SMS Server Tools 3 plugin
    • Update Gammu plugin to version 2.0
      • Add spool dir config on Gammu plugin
      • Add multi-modem supports to Gammu plugin
    • Update Twilio to support multi-SMSC
    • Drop support on gateway plugin Gnokii and Msgtoolbox, these two are moved to extra plugins
  • Other changes:


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