playSMS version 1.2 is available

Good day everyone. What a lovely day. The sun is just about right, traffic was not so bad, my porridge and double espresso keep me on focus while writing this announcement eventhough I took a short 2 hours sleep this morning. playSMS version 1.2 is now available for downloads.

Let see what we have in 1.2:

  • MAJOR: update sendsmsd to speedup sending SMS by processing single queue into multiple chunks
  • MAJOR: update playsmsd can be ran simultaneously (for multi-playSMS installation on a single server)
  • fix Allowed URLs on ACL containing special chars like an ampersand (&) did not processed correctly
  • fix DLRs not handled properly by smstools3 gateway
  • fix some gateway to deal with quoted message on incoming SMS
  • update outgoing route to accept multiple entries separated by commas on prefix to minimize input time, db field prefix on table featureOutgoing changed from varchar(10) to text
  • update email for add user, register user and forgot password user are now from a template file
  • update kannel gateway to support multi kannel server. each SMSC can be configured for different kannel server
  • update playsmsd() can be hooked from plugin gateway (all added SMSC) and currently selected themes
  • update playsmsd_once() can be hooked from plugin gateway (all added SMSC) and currently selected themes
  • update webservices_output() can be hooked from plugin gateway (all added SMSC) and currently selected themes
  • update plugin incoming to have forward sandbox SMS to URL
  • add new gateway plugin for Jasmin SMS gateway
  • add new gateway plugin Playnet for connecting playSMS with other playSMS, more flexible and better than uplink, some┬ánote about Playnet gateway:
    • both outgoing and also incoming
    • master-slave or server-client arch
    • multi master or multi slave
    • usage: 1 central server on the internet as master, 1 or more raspberry pi playSMS server with modems as slave
  • update language for de_DE
  • update install script to recommend non-root users to install playSMS
  • add option to make ACL accepts disallowed URLs instead of the default allowed URLs
  • add a way to make ACL accepts exceptions URLs by prefixing URLs with exclamation mark
  • add new gateway plugin jasmin copied from
  • add version info accessible from command line by running: playsmsd version

We have 2 major updates in this release, and some interesting addition such gateway plugin Playnet and Jasmin. I hope you can schedule to test this release right away and let me know what you think in playSMS Forum.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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