Why Texts Are Not Translated

There are in total 8 language translations available in current playSMS.

They are:

  • Catalan (Spain) ca_CA
  • Deutsch (Deutschland) de_DE
  • English (United States) en_US
  • Spanish (Venezuela) es_VE
  • French (France) fr_FR
  • Indonesian (Indonesia) id_ID
  • Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
  • Russian (Russia) ru_RU
  • Chinese (China) zh_CN

When user or admin activate one of them, sometime they saw changes on displayed text, but on some language no changes made. I\’ve seen questions like this asked by playSMS users.

These are steps a Linux admin need to take to enable multi-language support in playSMS:

$ sudo su -
# apt-get install language-pack-id language-pack-de language-pack-ca language-pack-es language-pack-pt language-pack-fr language-pack-zh-hant language-pack-ru
# /etc/init.d/apache restart


  1. I use Ubuntu. I became root (or you can login as root if that possible)
  2. I installed language-pack-xx files
  3. I restart web server

That\’s it. By now your playSMS should be multi-language.

QA here.

One thought on “Why Texts Are Not Translated

  1. How I can add new language in playsms and then translate all it (core, plugin and themes)?


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