playSMS version 1.0-rc7 has been released

Catching up 1.0 final version, an rc7 has been released. I need you to check them out, see if it has minimum bugs. No bugs would be our aim.

Highlight in this version are listed below.

  • Most interesting addition I believe: the multi-domain with site branding supports. This means a single playSMS installation may supports more than one domain and each domain may have their own themes. Each account with user level may map their own domain or subdomain to your playSMS and make it looks like a single installation. Sounds like reseller kinda stuff isn\’t it? Yes it is. This plugin development was sponsored by Turnkey Software.
  • Access Control List. Admin may use this to limit certain menu to certain group of accounts by setting an ACL to their account. An ACL contains a set of allowed URLs, or empty for no restriction. An example implementation of ACL would be ACL BROADCAST that is containing a set of URLs accessing only send SMS parts of playSMS, no features for incoming. This additional core plugin development was sponsored by JFG from Mobile Enterperises.
  • Accounts now soft-deleted, meaning that the real data in database aren\’t deleted for audit or data history purposes. Deleted accounts may never be listed anywhere in the UI, only system admin or database admin have access to them.
  • DB table name changes tblUser_inbox to tblSMSInbox.
  • XSS prevention and HTML safe display by adding a sanitizer that is utilizing HTMLPurifier. This solution has been suggested by many before and last (with example) by Czar Securities.
  • Updates on Phonebook related features, for example the contact sharing and lookup from compose message menu.
  • Add new gateway plugin BulkSMS.
  • Update¬†TinyMCE to version 4.1.9 the latest, with this you can now embed Youtube videos, insert images and links for welcome page.
  • Updates on da_DK and pt_PT language translation.
  • The rest would be bugfixes since 1.0-rc6.

Many thanks to contributors and sponsors.

Get it from playSMS download page. Discuss the upgrade and installation in playSMS user group forum.


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