playSMS app for Android

We are happy to announce that playSMS app for Android is now available on Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

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Webservices API for admin tasks

Webservices API got extended for admin tasks, thanks to sponsors. Click here for sponsorship information.

Recently added several new operations to do administrative tasks for playSMS through its webservices API. Added operations are for admin level account only. You will need to use admin’s credentials to authenticate an operation.

Changes highlights:

  • webservices API for admin to inject message into the system (as if its an incoming SMS)
  • webservices API for admin to add an account
  • webservices API for admin to remove an account
  • webservices API for admin to set parent for subuser
  • webservices API for admin to get parent for subuser
  • webservices API for admin to ban an account
  • webservices API for admin to unban an account
  • webservices API for admin to update an account preferences, includes changing password
  • webservices API for admin to update an account configuration, includes changing sender ID (valid sender ID only)
  • webservices API for admin to view an account credit
  • webservices API for admin to add an account credit
  • webservices API for admin to credit an account credit

Updated documentation about this can be viewed here:

Please visit below link to discuss more about this:!topic/playsmsusergroup/ZZEaANBujrw


Now Licensed Under GPLv3

I want to let everyone knows that now playSMS is licensed under version 3 of GNU General Public License.

Particularly after this commit: 35a3cc8f.

My intention has never changed. I want to make sure that the contribution back to the community. Every modification should be available to public so that original contributors and others may gain something positive from it.

I believe this is the right way to do. playSMS should be useful to anyone using it, and I do hope when you modify it you also thought of many contribution made by others to the software which make the software useful to you, thus contribute back.

For your information, IANAL. Please consult with them who understand licensing, especially open source licenses.

Anyway, this is actually not a big deal for some. But if you think it is, let me know, give some comments here. Would love to get some insight about licensing and stuffs around it.

Detail information about the license can be found in A brief information about the license can also be found here

Thanks for using playSMS.

Anton Raharja, founder.

playSMS version 0.9.8 has been released

Just released. It has lots of bug fixes and several interesting enhancements, including some major changes.

Some of the highlights:

  • Using PHP session :)
  • Installer script for Ubuntu users
  • Web Services to respond in JSON and XML format
  • Web Services to authenticate using a token instead of username and password, with IP limit
  • Search boxes
  • Export SMSes, save it to a CSV file
  • Reply from receiver straight to user’s Inbox (no need to use @user)
  • Broadcast from mobile using #<phonebook group> instead of BC <phonebook group>
    • To all #IT group members, please come to meeting room
    • Hi #GOLD #SILVER members, you can get more bonus by purchasing more!

Read full changelog here.

Grab it from SourceForge: download



Bantu Terjemahan untuk Bahasa Indonesia

Berikut adalah file backup untuk Bahasa Indonesia pada playSMS version

playsms-language-id_ID-backup.tar (telah diperbaharui pagi ini 7.50 oleh Hangs Breaker)

Yang tertarik untuk kontribusi silakan download file diatas, extract lalu edit file2 berekstensi po (messages.po). Edit terjemahan yang kurang tepat, salah atau tidak konsisten. Juga tambahkan terjemahan untuk kata-kata yang berlum diterjemahkan.

Setelah rapi kirim ke email saya antonrd at gmail dot com.

Sebagai rasa terima kasih, akan saya tuliskan nama anda pada bagian Contributor. Sementara hanya ini yang bisa saya berikan :)


playSMS version has been released

2 Days ago we have just released playSMS version 0.9.7 (lots of changes since 0.9.6, you should read). But since I found something serious, I thought it won’t matter if I just release another one. Next time I will provide a patch instead of releasing whole new version when changes are not much, even when they’re important.

Security bug has been fixed in this release. The bug allows a non-admin user to upload a CSV file with username field filled with other user’s username and playSMS allows the process to continue.

This release is a security release. It is highly recommended for users to download and use this version immediately.

Download playSMS version now.

playSMS version 0.9.7 has been released

After 2 beta versions, finally tonight playSMS version 0.9.7 is released.

There are many bug fixes, updates and major changes included in this version. Therefore it is highly recommended for users to upgrade their playSMS. Please note that the upgrade only available from version 0.9.6, so you need to upgrade your old playSMS to at least version 0.9.6 first before upgrade it to 0.9.7.

Highlights in this version are as follow:

  • All SMS submitted from web UI, webservices or plugins are queued in database first and then processed by external daemon application. I believe this improvement will solve issues related to bulk SMS sending, like sending an SMS to 5000 contacts from web at one time.
  • Raw incoming SMS text now can be accessed by plugins, as it is brought to hooks from function setsmsincomingaction. This function is the central function, the gate to playSMS, in receiving SMS.
  • Issues related to quote or single quote, or addslahes() and stripslashes() have been fixed. playSMS also now assumed that PHP magic_quotes_gpc option is set to Off, which is recommended.
  • Using smstools3 is as good as using Kannel, playSMS now able to get the status report of Delivered when using gateway module smstools. playSMS also make copies of raw smstools3 files for other external application or simply for later readings, like for debugging.
  • Kannel gateway module equipped with a simple text editor to edit kannel.conf, and a restart button for Kannel. This makes certain admin jobs easier.
  • Character counter in web UI and also in simplerate has been fixed. This counter took care of unicode or not, multi-part SMS or single SMS correctly.
  • Easier coding for scripts used with playSMS plugin SMS command and SMS custom. playSMS will capture the response of a script executed by SMS command or a URL accessed by SMS custom, and then directly send the response as reply to original sender.

You may download the release from the download page: http://www.playsms/download. Continue reading “playSMS version 0.9.7 has been released”

Frequently Asked Question

Do you know that an FAQ is available for playSMS ?

FAQ, Frequently Asked Question, is a page full of questions and their answers. Those questions are the most common questions asked by many users previously, or simply what the developer thinks the users will ask :) The aim for having an FAQ is (among others) to get users or visitors have enough information to start working with the project.

FAQ is included within the source code. When you have installed playSMS properly and you’re able to login to the web admin you will see a button for FAQ.

FAQ also available to browse at this location:

Enjoy reading!

Contributing to playSMS


Let me introduce my friend Endy Muhardin, Endy, he is very knowledgeable with software development and distributed revision control system such as git in particular.

He and I will assist contributors to code for playSMS.

When you have questions around playSMS, especially about howto code and contribute back to playSMS, please ask in the mailing list and he (or I) will answer your questions (on his or my spare time, as always, like any other free software community).

Contribution workflow is as follow :

1. Fork playSMS github repo
1.1. Login to Github (
1.2. Open playSMS github page (
1.3. Click Fork Button
1.4. You will have your own repository, e.g:
1.5. Clone your github repo to your local computer/laptop (RTFM git please, RTFM: Read The Fine Manual)

2. Create branch to hold your modification. You should create branch for specific task e.g : add feature, bugfix. This is called topic branch (RTFM howto create a branch in git)

3. Commit your modification to your topic branch (RTFM git please)

4. Whenever you feel your branch has matured (well-tested, properly formatted, worked), create pull request (

5. I will review your pull request and do either one of the following
5.1. Accept your pull request and merge your branch into my playSMS repo, or
5.2. Ask you to revise/fix your code

6. If your branch has been merged into my playSMS repo, it will appear in next release (with your name on it, also on README)

7. Should you have any questions, asking for statuses, or anything related to this topic, please post your questions in mailing list


playSMS is about to be released

Release date is unknown, it means I don’t know when I’ll be releasing this version exactly, but it should be.. soon :) My plan was this week, but I figure to hold until next week waiting for some more small changes and fixes.

So far these are changes made in version

  • MAJOR: all SMS date/time will be adjusted to GMT+0 in database
  • add timezone settings
  • add method to modify parameters in interceptincomingsms() and interceptsmstoinbox()
  • add new tools plugin pvat, replace keyword @<username> with PV <username>
    • this plugin demonstrate how to intercept incoming SMS for specific service
    • collage of mine has just finished building a GPS tracker plugin for playSMS easily by learning this example for a start
  • fix #3095609 XSS issue (security hole)
  • fix #3095660 should be switch()
  • fix #3097366 str_replace issue

Developers are encouraged to get the latest source codes from playSMS GIT repository. When bugs found, please post them in tracker page,